5 Best Goat Cheese Substitutes

Goat cheese, also known as chèvre, is the generic French term for cheeses made from goat’s milk. The term commonly refers to unaged or fresh goat cheeses that are snowy white, creamy in texture (with a slight chalkiness), and have a mild flavor with a pleasing tang. Aged chèvres have a firmer texture and sharper taste.

goat cheese substitutes

1. Mascarpone Substitute

Mascarpone is a luscious Italian fresh, soft cow’s milk cheese with only slightly less fat than butter. It replaces fresh goat cheese; it has a smoother texture and more uncomplicated flavor. The finest is said to come from Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna.

It’s is a creamy, Italian cheese that is often used in desserts. It has a sweet, rich flavor and can be used in many different ways. Mascarpone can be found in most grocery stores, and it is relatively inexpensive. If you are looking for a delicious, versatile cheese, then mascarpone is a great option.

= 1 ounce mascarpone is equal to 1 ounce of Goat cheese

2. Feta Substitute

Goat and sheep’s milk is used to create a cheese called feta. It is a salty cheese most closely associated with Greek cooking; feta traditionally is made from goat’s milk. It’s often called a pickled cheese because it is cured and stored in its salty whey.

Feta is a brined cheese typically made from sheep’s milk or goat’s milk. It is white in color and has a crumbly texture. Feta is used as a table cheese, as well as in salads and baking. It can also be served grilled or fried.

Feta originates from Greece and is one of the oldest cheeses in existence. The first written mention of feta dates back to the Byzantine Empire in the 11th century. In Greece, feta is traditionally made in barrels or ceramic vessels and aged for several months.

Feta cheese has a strong, salty flavor and is lower in fat than other types of cheese. It is a good source of protein and calcium. Feta is also relatively low in calories, with about 100 calories per ounce.

If you are looking for a delicious and healthy cheese to add to your diet, feta is a great option. Try it in salads, on pizzas or simply enjoy it as a snack. You can also find feta cheese in many supermarkets and specialty food stores.

= 1 ounce feta is equal to 1 ounce Chèvre (goat cheese)

3. Cream Cheese Substitute

In 1872, New York State dairyman William A. Lawrence developed a method for making cream cheese while attempting to duplicate French Neufchätel. In 1880, New York cheese distributor A. L. Reynolds packaged the cheese in tin-foil wrappers and called it Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese because the public equated the City of Brotherly Love with high-quality food products.

Cream cheese is best known as a base for the cheesecake but is used as a dip and spread for slices of bread, crackers, and fruit.

There are many different brands of cream cheese available, but they all have a similar taste and texture. Philadelphia cream cheese is one of the most popular brands.

= 1 ounce cream cheese is equal to 1 ounce fresh goat cheese

4. Tofu Substitute

Also known as bean curd and soybean curd, its uses can be for texture, but it is less flavorful. Think of tofu as “cheese” made from “milk” extracted from cooked soybeans instead of cows. Those who love to hate tofu complain that it is bland, but that is one of tofu’s strengths. It absorbs flavors beautifully and adapts to numerous ethnic seasonings.

Tofu is processed into silken, soft, firm, and extra firm textures. Find it in supermarkets, water-packed in sealed containers, vacuum-packed without water, aseptically packaged, or freeze-dried. In some Asian markets, it is displayed in tubs of water.

= 1 ounce of firm tofu, mashed with a dash of lemon is equal to 1 ounce of goat cheese

5. Cottage Cheese Substitute

Strict Lacto-ovo vegetarians can enjoy cottage cheese because it contains no rennet. It’s an acid curd cheese, meaning the curds form by the natural tendency of warmed milk to curdle on its own. It has a mild taste, thanks to having no added salts, sugars, or flavors.

If you don’t have cottage cheese on hand, you can make it by heating pasteurized cow’s milk and adding a few drops of an acidic liquid: lemon juice, lime juice, or vinegar. Allow it to sit until it curdles. As the milk finishes forming little lumps, you will drain it to obtain the little clumps of cheese. The cheese should be soft, white, and with a creamy texture.

= 1 ounce cottage cheese is equal to 1 ounce goat cheese

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Is there a cheese substitute for goat cheese?

There are a few options to use in place of goat cheese, also called chèvre.
· Mascarpone
· Feta Cheese (which comes from goat or sheep’s milk)
· Cream Cheese
· Tofu

Is there a lactose-intolerant substitute for goat cheese?

If you suffer from lactose intolerance, tofu is the best substitute, as it is made from soy milk. Tofu comes from soy milk and may also be known as bean curd.

Are goat cheese and feta cheese the same?

Goat cheese is primarily made of goat’s milk, while feta is mainly sheep’s milk. They are similar to white cheeses.

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